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The three pages were produced by Altair de Almeida Costa (Tachinha).

Tachinha (small tack) is my nickname in the time I studied at the Seminário Seráfico Santo Antônio, in Santos Dumont, (1959/1963) and in Colégio Santo Antônio, in São João del Rei (1964), where a part of the seminar was transferred.

The page of the Gregorian Choral of Belo Horizonte tells the history of the choral and of the Gregorian chant and presents many links about Gregorian music, choral and many monasteries around the world.


Only the initial page, the Gregorian chant history and choral texts are translated into English.

In these 39 pages of Scores and Videos you can see / hear 76 beautiful videos and listen to 72 songs and learn to sing more than 150 scores in the manual of Gregorian Choir of Belo Horizonte. Gradually I will correct some problems with music, and put other information.

The ENFRADES page presents the history and information of the Minas Gerais Franciscans former seminarists and of several other groups that each year promote encounters in the seminars where they studied.

In Tachinha´s Little Door (who cannot be a portal, must be satisfied in being a "little door"), there are a lot of sites and they will be constantly increased. Include this page in your "favorites or bookmark" (Ctrl + D), put it as a link in your page and show to your friends.


Gregorian Chant Radio - In my blog Seminaristas you can hear, too, our CD Rorate with 21 tracks. In this page you can hear, too, another LastFM radio with gregorian chant music or similar, like new age and see some gregorian chant videos.


I will be very pleased to share with you every interesting thing that one can find in the fantastic world of Internet. Besides the hundreds of sites of this page, I will always be searching addresses that can improve this “little door”, because I read about computer and Internet in several newspapers and magazines, and I also receive information by e-mail giving trips of pages that can be of your interest and I’m always seeking for newness in the own Internet.

My favorites subjects navigating in the Internet are: music (new age, classical, Brazilian popular and international, rock, Gregorian chant – obviously I’m a participant of the Gregorian Choral of Belo Horizonte – radio, newspapers, magazines, news, sports (soccer and chess, mainly), research sites, dictionaries, encyclopedias, games, Internet and others.


Only the Gregorian Chant page is translated in English. If you want to know the other parts of this page you can use the translation websites that you can find on the Internet, like: Google, Altavista, Langenberg and others.

In the Choral Discography link you can hear our CD Rorate with 21 tracks, besides radios with gregorian chant musics and similars like new age and see some gregorian videos.


Si vous voulez savoir au sujet de cette page en français vous pouvez employer la page de traductions disponible dans ces adresses: Google, Altavista, Langenberg.

Dans la Chorale Discographie lien vous pouvez écouter notre CD Rorate avec 21 titres, en plus de radios avec le chant grégorien musiques et similaires, comme nouvel âge et de voir certains gregorian vidéos.


Wenn Sie ein wenig mehr über diese Seite auf Deutsch wünschen, können Sie Übersetzungsseiten im Internet mit diesen Adressen verwenden: Google, Altavista, Langenberg.

Im Choral Diskographie Link können Sie hören, unsere CD Rorate mit 21 Tracks, neben Radios mit gregorianischen Musik und Ähnlichkeitsregel wie New Age und einige gregorianische Videos.


Se desiderate conoscere un piccolo circa questo luogo in italiano potete usare la pagina di traduzioni disponibile sulla rete in questi indirizzi: Google, Altavista, Langenberg.

Nel coro discografia link è possibile ascoltare i nostri CD Rorate con 21 tracce, oltre a radio con canto gregoriano musiche e simili, come il New Age e vedere alcuni gregoriano video.


Wil je eventueel iets meer weten over deze bladzijde in het Nederlands, dan kun je de volgende vertalingsadressen van het Internet gebruiken: Google, Altavista, Langenberg.

In de Choral Discografie band hoor je onze cd Rorate met 21 tracks, naast de radio met gregoriaans muziek en similars zoals New Age en enkele Gregoriaanse video's.


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