In Brazil the Gregorian chant is almost restricted to monks, especially those of the benedictine monasteries:


Mosteiro da Ressureição, of Ponta Grossa (Paraná).


Mosteiro of São Bento, of São Paulo (São Paulo).


Mosteiro de São Bento, of Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro).

Monasteries of Olinda and Garanhuns (Pernambuco), Salvador (Bahia) and Brasília (Distrito Federal).

Out of the monasteries few choral have the intention of rescuing and promoting the Gregorian chant. The known groups are:

Coral Gregoriano de Santos - The choral is sponsored by Pontifical Catholic University of Santos (São Paulo) and it is formed, in your great majority, by ex-seminarists of the Seminar Good Jesus of Pirapora, São Paulo. Besides the gregorian music, the choral sings, also, sacred polyphonic music.


Os Arautos do Evangelho - São Paulo (São Paulo).

Canarinhos de Petrópolis, choral formed only with boys and founded more than 52 years ago.

Coral Pio
X, of São Paulo (São Paulo), founded by the sister Marie Rose.

Schola Cantorum ABC,  of São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo).

Schola Cantorum, of Belém, (Pará).

There are few Gregorian CDs released in Brazil. The Benedictine monks of Salvador, São Paulo, Olinda, Rio de Janeiro and Ponta Grossa, the Choral "Canarinhos de Petrópolis" and Os Arautos do Evangelho have already recorded CDs.

The label Velas released, some years ago, a beautiful CD called "Iluminuras" containing brazilian songs in the gregorian spirit (Luar do Sertão, Tristeza do Jeca, Prenda Minha, Cio da Terra and others).

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